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Environmental issues are part of everyday activites within the Hedengren group

Welcome to read more about our environmental management system. This is a composition of our environment programme and illustrates how Hedengren takes environment into consideration in everyday work.

A lot has been achieved so far. Since 1990 Hedengren and the city of Espoo have applied a waste management plan as a basis of separation and reclamation of waste.

The cornerstones of Hedengren’s operations are quality and service. Environment is part of quality. Our environment programme is based on the waste law.

Hedengren renewed its environment programme. The programme was updated to comply with the waste law. The purpose was, too, to enlarge knowledge among the customers of how Hedengren is handling environmental issues.

The environment programme covers the activities of the entire Hedengren Group

One of the core aims of the environment program is to comply with the environment system of the international ISO 14001 standard. On the basis of this standard Hedengren guarantees a continuous development of actions that concern the environment.

Environmental issues concern all of us. This means that the total personnel of Hedengren is engaged in the environment system and its implementation.

The managing director of Hedengren is responsible for the environment system.

What measures have we already taken?

  • 70% of the personnel has been trained in environmental issues.
  • In 1995 we stopped using our own delivery vans.
  • Only recyclable materials are used for packaging.
  • The Finnish environmental legislation was modified in 1997 when the EU directive on packaging gained legal force in Finland. In the spring of 1998 Hedengren became a member of The Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd.
  • Hedengren participates in a nation-wide project developing recycling and recovery of electronics scrap.

Operations model of the Kauklahti premises

Water, electricity and heating systems 
The annual consumption of electricity, heating and water is closely controlled. The heating system has 4 heat recovery plants. Follow-up of electricity consumption is done by Internet connection to the electricity supplier.

Waste disposal 
In the warehouse and service spaces in Kauklahti there are receivers, separately for cardboard, paper, metal, energy fraction and hazardous waste, which the staff separates for each receiver. The foremen supervise and give instructions when necessary.

The material is handled as follows:

Cardboard, paper 
– separated according to paper reclaiming instructions
– fetched by an authorized paper reclaiming company
– undamaged boxes in good shape are used in goods transports

– fire wood is available for the staff
– energy fraction in combustion plants

– energy fraction in combustion plants

Oil, solvents 
– paint, oil and solvent wastes used in the service unit are separated in receivers
– thereafter sent to Ekokem Oy to be destroyed
– the oil sump is emptied when necessary

Fluorescent lights 
– the caretaker changes and gathers all used fluorescent and mercury vapour lamps into proper boxes
– transported to Tervalo Oy in lots of about 1000 pcs to be destroyed

Other hazardous wastes 
– other hazardous wastes are transported to Ekokem Oy to be destroyed

Scrap metal 
– delivered to Kuusakoski Oy for recovery

Electronic scrap 
– radio and TV sets, video equipment etc. are transported to reprocessing plants approved by the Finnish Environment Institute

Service for households 
Although our service activities entail some hazardous waste that, in the first place, ought to be taken care of by the owner of the equipment, we strive to handle the waste disposal as part of our service. However, Hedengren is not a station for collecting wastes and, in some cases, a waste treatment fee can be added to our service charges. Legislation concerning households, instructions and database of waste collection points is found at www.ongelmajate.fi (only in Finnish).

The work goes on

Already today and in particular in the future one of the customers’ selection criterion is the environment and how it is attended to in products and service. A well managed environment system helps to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

Environmental consciousness has become part of everyday life in many different areas. Therefore it concerns all of us and it is significant that Hedengren continues its work for the good of the environment.

Continuous improvements are important when taking environment into consideration.

In addition to Hedengren’s own measures also implementation of the measures are important when improving environmental protection. For instance finding suitable reprocessing channels is a condition for increasing recycling.

Hedengren’s environmental policy

Our goal is to minimize the environmental load in all our operations and to improve treatment of environmental issues continuously.Environmental management is a comprehensive way of thinking within the Group which together with quality and result management has fused into one management practice. Consequently, environmental factors are, besides applicability, availability and expenses, a criterion in decision-making when considering different alternatives.

A systematic improvement and consideration of the environment are achieved by creating a control system for environmental issues including goals and programmes, which is reviewed every year.

We comply with statutory obligations and directions and observe their development.

We minimize the environmental impacts by:

  • Reducing the amount of waste
  • Developing and increasing recycling
  • Reclaiming recycled material
  • Saving energy
  • Decreasing water consumption
  • Optimizing distribution
  • Assessing our environmental operations regularly